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Starting with version 6.4, you can now download a Pro Kit and use it in your desktop applications just like Font Awesome - including any custom icons you added to the Kit.

We’ll cover what files and directories are contained in the Kit download and details of using ligature-based fonts and SVG in the Kit.

Before You Get Started

Make sure you already:

What's in the Kit Download?

Our Kit download contains all the regular Font Awesome assets. If you have custom icons in your Kit, you'll find these additional files included in the download zip:

Folders & files What They Are
/otfs/Font Awesome Kit [kit-ID]-Regular-400 Font face containing all of your custom icons
/svgs/custom-icons/ Folder containing all your custom icons as SVGs

Install the Ligature-based Font Files for Kit Custom Icons

You can install the Font Awesome font faces just like you usually do when getting set up, and you'll follow the same steps to add the custom icon font.

And if you haven't already, you'll want enable ligatures in your apps to use our easy "type in the icon name" method for adding icons.

Updating or Adding Multiple Custom Icon Fonts

The custom icon font includes the unique ID associated with your Kit so you can install multiple Kit custom icon fonts at once. If you add more icons to your Kit and re-download, you'll need to disable and delete the old font and then install and activate the new one to get the new icons. As long as you haven't removed or renamed any of the icons, activating the new font will reenable all the icons you're using in your designs.

Using Kit Custom Icons as SVGs

As with our regular icons, you can add your processed custom icon SVG files into most vector-friendly desktop design apps, like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator. Just remember to make a copy to work with, so you don't edit the original file!