You can use the Font Awesome Icon Name with the SVG + JS method to display the icons on your page.


Before You Get Started

Make sure you:

Font Awesome Sharp requires Pro and specific versions!

Make sure you have an active Pro-level plan or a Pro license with access to the specific versions that include Sharp's styles.

Add Icons with the Icon Name


You can add any icon in any style with the icon name when using the SVG+JS method. Just add the class for the style you want to use to select the style of icon, then insert the icon name between the opening and closing <i> element.

Here are some examples:

  <i class="fa-2x fa-solid fa-shake">starship-freighter</i>
  <i class="fa-2x fa-thin fa-rotate-90">starfighter-twin-ion-engine-advanced</i>
  <i class="fa-2x fa-sharp fa-solid fa-beat-fade" style="color: LightGreen;">equals</i>
  <i class="fa-2x fa-regular fa-rotate-90">starfighter</i>
  <i class="fa-2x fa-solid fa-fade" style="color: Orange;">:</i>
  <i class="fa-2x fa-duotone fa-bounce">space-station-moon-construction</i>

Where do I find an icon's name?

When searching for icons, the icon name is directly under the icon itself.

Font Awesome 6 installed and being activated in Font Explorer X on Mac OS X

Or, if you have clicked on an icon, the icon name is in the icon preview modal.

Font Awesome 6 installed and being activated in Font Explorer X on Mac OS X

"Something ain't stirring the koolaid, man."

Be sure to double check the icon name when using this method of adding icons. An icon will not render if you have input a name that is not a Font Awesome icon or does not respect the following:

  • icon names must be lower-case (ex. block-question, playstation, xbox)

  • multi-word icon names must use kebab-case (ex. starship-freighter, space-station-moon-construction, starfighter-twin-ion-engine-advanced)