Want to use the Unicode value with the SVG + JS method to display the icons on your page? Go for it!


Before You Get Started

Make sure you:


Select a fa- style (ex. fa-thin, fa-light, etc.), then insert the Unicode value, prefaced with &#x betwixt the opening and closing <i> element.

<i class="fa fa-2x">&#x42;</i>
<i class="fad fa-2x fa-spin">&#xf436;</i>
<i class="fad fa-2x fa-shake">&#xf437;</i>
<i class="fa-light fa-2x">&#x31;</i>

Don't forget the semicolon

You'll need a semicolon after the Unicode value ; the icons will not display on your page without it.

Where do I find an icon's Unicode?

When searching for icons, simply click on an icon of your choosing, and the Unicode value will be displayed above the code block showing how the icon can be used.

Font Awesome 6 installed and being activated in Font Explorer X on Mac OS X