Font Awesome Kits can now be installed using npm-compatible package managers. Learn about what's included and how to use the package in JavaScript and other applications.

Before You Get Started

Make sure you:

  • Configured access to use Font Awesome packages
  • You have a project based on an npm-compatible package manager

What's in the package

Configure Access for Pro
Asset Location What it's good for
CSS css/* StyleSheets ready to work in any modern browser using the files in webfonts directory
Less less/* Less files using the webfonts directory
SCSS scss/* SCSS (Sass) files using the webfonts directory
Webfont Files webfonts/* WOFF2 and TTF webfont files for use with CSS, Less, and SCSS
Auto loading JavaScript js/* Easier to use JavaScript files for including in <script> tags directly in the browser using SVG + JS technology
ESM & CommonJS JavaScript modules/* SVG Core-compatible JavaScript files suitable for use with build tools, JS frameworks, or `