Font Awesome now a bunch of styles to choose from... Here's a sip of each for you to sample and see which is right for your project.


The Espresso style — A perennial favorite, the classic Font Awesome icons that keep on keeping on with a bold 2 pixel stroke. Great for icons that represent an action without accompanying words, active/selected states, and smaller size elements.


The Black Coffee style — If Goldilocks drank coffee, this would be her blend, a just-right mix of solid and light at 1.5 pixel stroke and some fills. Easy and readable icons that blend in with their surroundings. Great for pairing alongside text.



The Latte style — A smooth and light 1 pixel stroke take on the Regular style. Great for those apps and UIs with a light touch, and can be used for inactive/unselected states.



The Flat White style — Our thinnest and most airy style using a razor thin half-pixel stroke. Great to blend in with the latest super-light apps, sites, and interfaces.



The Cafe con Leche style — This style adds a second transparent layer that can be colored independently. Get an illustrated look or add nuance to a finely-tuned design.


The Company style — Just the logos, ma'am. Make it easy to spot a brand you use or support.


And coming soon...

The Sharp family

Pro All the styles of Font Awesome - Solid, Regular, Light, Thin, and Duotone - but dressed up and looking sharp!

Taste the rainbow!

Now that you're familiar with the flavors of Font Awesome, dive into all the icons!