There are three families of Font Awesome icons each with a unique look - Classic, Sharp, and Brands. And in both Font Awesome Sharp and Classic, there are five consistent styles of icons to choose from.



Font Awesome Classic is our original look and feel with a set of styles that are always in fashion and ready to bring that extra level of iconic flair to projects.

Classic Style Availability Style class Required Version
Classic Solid Free Plan fa-solid v6.0.0
Classic Regular Pro only fa-regular v6.0.0
Classic Light Pro only fa-light v6.0.0
Classic Thin Pro only fa-thin v6.0.0
Classic Duotone Pro only fa-duotone v6.0.0



The Font Awesome Sharp family cuts into the scene with a clean, modern look that pairs nicely with sharp typefaces and can dress up for more professional occasions and projects.

Sharp Solid and Sharp Regular are out now! The rest of our sharp family of styles are coming soon.

Sharp Style Availability Style class Required Version
Sharp Solid Pro only fa-sharp fa-solid v6.2.0
Sharp Regular Pro only fa-sharp fa-regular v6.3.0
Sharp Light Pro only fa-sharp fa-light v6.4.0
Sharp Thin Pro only fa-sharp fa-thin v6.5.0
Sharp Duotone Coming Soon!

Font Awesome Sharp requires Pro and specific versions!

Make sure you have an active Pro-level plan or a Pro license with access to the specific versions that include Sharp's styles.



Font Awesome Brands is the easiest way to get social media and online services logos added to your site.

Brands Style Availability Style class Required Version
Brands Free Plan fa-brands v6.0.0

Taste the rainbow!

Now that you're familiar with the flavors of Font Awesome, dive into all the icons and find the right ones to add Awesome to your project!