You're viewing docs for v5.15.4, an older version of Font Awesome.

Get set up, add icons and style, or fine-tune – we've got what you need to know to use Font Awesome icons on the web.


Setting Up on the Web

There are a few different ways to set up Font Awesome. We suggest using a kit since it's easy, fast, and customizable.

Use a Kit

Like a CDN just for you! Adjust the settings, get auto-subsetting, upload your own icons, and lots more goodies.

In a Hurry? Try Our Quick Start.

Create a kit, add some icons, sprinkle in some style, and you're off and running!

Host Yourself

Take the wheel and drive how you want when you host yourself.

Upgrade from Earlier Versions of Font Awesome

Are you a Font Awesome OG using Version 4? You can easily upgrade to version 5.

Use Font Awesome npm Packages

Get all the awesome packed up to-go in our npm packages.

Add Font Awesome Icons to Your Project


You can add icons to your web projects with a little bit of code - it's easy once you have a few of the basics under your belt.

Add Some Mix-n-Match Styling

There are a variety of styling options you can use with your Font Awesome icons on the web. Use one or combine them like Voltron.

Use Font Awesome with Your Preferred Syntax or Stack…

Dig Deeper


Other Topics

Got the basics down and hungry for more? We've got more topics to dive into.

Advanced Docs

Trying to tackle something more nuanced or complex? Check out these next level docs.

Using Font Awesome

When and how can you use Font Awesome? These docs might help.