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What's New in 6.0.0-beta3

  • New Icons and Icon Fine-tuning We added some new icons and did some polishing on some existing ones, including: a new charts category for tracking all the deets, more calendar variations in case you have some important dates coming up, a couple of yummy new sushi icons, sponsored diagram icons, and more.
  • Better Icon Details When you search for icons, you'll now see the details for a selected icon in a dedicated modal window, and you can move between icons using the arrow keys or the previous/next buttons.
  • Icon Improvements We buffed and polished a few icons to make them even awesomer.
  • Smashed bugs We went all Hulk smash on some bugs that were cowering in the corners.
  • Breaking changes

    • Version 6 will no longer support Internet Explorer
    • The new in v6 CSS "flash" animation has been renamed to "beat-fade".
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Font Awesome 6 is currently in Beta — see what we've got planned for it. Looking for our current stable release? Check out Font Awesome 5.

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