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What's New in 6.0.0-beta2

  • 690 New Icons We added a bunch of new icons, including: a new maritime category for hitting the high seas, shopping cart variations so you can shop til you drop, yummy new food icons, a bunch of new arrows, and more.
  • Improved Icon Search We added a bunch of new features to make searching icons easier: new filters so you can narrow down your icons search by category, style, or filter, paging for searches with lots of results, options for adjusting how results are displayed, and icon details right in the search results.
  • Improved Docs We made the navigation easier to use, updated our welcome mat at the front door of Docs, and improved the consistency and accuracy throughout the Docs.
  • Icon Improvements We buffed and polished a few icons to make them even awesomer.
  • Smashed bugs We combed through and rooted out some bugs that tried to sneak by us.
  • Breaking changes

    • Ligatures and Unicodes for Duotones: If you installed Beta 1 and use ligatures on the desktop or unicodes in your CSS pseudo elements, you'll need to update to the latest (Beta 2) font files AND update any ligature or unicode references that used the Beta 1 syntax.
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