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Using Font Awesome Icons

Add Icons on the Web

You can add icons to your web projects with a little bit of code - it's super easy once you have a few of the basics under your belt.

What's New in 6.0.0-beta1

  • Over 775 New Icons We added a bunch of new icons, including: emojis for all the feels, more Sports + Fitness, Gaming, Clocks, aligning and distritbuting objects, and more.
  • V6 Support in Kits Yes! You can now use the v6 icons and other v6 magical goodies via your kits.
  • New and Improved Icon Search We buffed and polished our icon search so it's faster and puts a bunch more utilities at your fingertips.
  • Python/Django plugin with v6 Support Our beta Python/Django plugin now supports v6 icons and styling. Maybe pip-in' is easy!
  • Font Awesome API and Tool Updates Our Javascript API, and Conflict Detection API now all support v6. And you can use jQuery, Turbolinks for Rails, and Require.js with v6 too.
  • Change to Unicodes for Duotone Glyphs We have adjusted how we generate the secondary unicode for duotone icon glyphs, but all the v5 unicode values will continue to work. Get the deets
  • Ligatures for Duotone Icons You can now use ligatures to get Duotone icons into your designs. Just type in the icon name or alias and voilá! (If you want to adjust opacity or color, you'll need to add the layers separately as glyphs.)
  • Breaking changes

    • Some CSS, SCSS, and Less utilities changed: We did a little housecleaning in our CSS stack and pre-processor functions to align with current best practices and keep things clean.
    • Ligatures for Duotones: Duotone icons no longer have ligatures for primary and secondary glyphs.
    Get the details on breaking changes

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Using Font Awesome

When and how can you use Font Awesome? These docs might help.

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