Here are the methods that our Conflict Detection API supports.



Computes an md5 hash for the given DOM node

This is the same method as used internally by the conflict detector to compute IDs for each node as an md5 hash. You could use it to verify that your scripts compute the same hashes for the same node inputs as the conflict detector.

Returns an md5 hash based on the the contents of the first of the following properties of domNode found to have a truthy value:

  • src
  • href
  • innerText

If domNode is not an object, or all of these properties are falsy, then it returns undefined.


Invoked after results are collected

params is an object with the properties nodesTested and nodesFound.

Any nodes in the nodesFound object that don't appear in the nodesTested object are considered "leftovers"--inconclusive tests.

An implementation of this method can be provided like this:

    <!-- bunch of stuff -->
      <!-- more stuff -->
      <script data-fa-detection-ignore type="text/javascript">
        window.FontAwesomeDetection = {
          report: function(params){
            // Do your own reporting here


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