Access GraphQL data that requires authorization with an access token.


Some fields in the GraphQL schema require an authorization scope to be associated with the access token, a JWT generated by the Token Endpoint, used for making the request. The access token's scopes are determined by the scopes on the API token used.

Currently, the only API tokens that can be generated by Font Awesome account holders from the account page have the scopes public and kits_read. Contact Support if you have a use case that requires accessing fields with other authorization scopes.


Scope Description Access
public default scope, granted automatically to requests that lack an Authorization header Free
kits_read required for read-only access of kit configuration metadata for the kits on an account Pro only
profile_read required for read-only access to personally identifiable information on an account, such as email Contact us
domains_read required for read-only access to domains whitelisted for the Pro CDN for a given account Contact us

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