Beta 6.0.0-beta1

Released May 29, 2021

# Added

  • Over 775 New Icons

  • New Emoji icons - Now we have Emoji-parity with all "smiley face" icons
  • New Sports + Fitness icons, and some new Gaming icons
  • New icons for aligning and distributing objects
  • New clock face icons in half-hour increments
  • A variety of new icons across many categories, plus a bunch of commissioned icons
  • V6 Support in Kits
    You can now choose the V6 Beta from the version select in your kits' settings.
  • New and Improved Icon Search
    We crafted a new icon search from the ground up so you get quick access to copy options, a bigger icon preview without leaving the search, more options for filtering and sorting, better alias and synonym search options, improved icon detail pages, all-around snappier searching, and now we hold your place in search when you jump into details and back!
  • The beta Python/Django plugin now supports v6 icons and styling.
  • The Javascript API, GraphQL API, and Conflict Detection API now all support V6.
  • You can happliy use jQuery, Turbolinks for Rails, and Require.js with v6.

# Changed

  • Changes to Duotones on the Desktop
    • Ligatures Changes: You can now get an entire duotone icon with the touch of a wand - ahem - ligature. (If you want the separate pieces, you'll need to use unicodes.)
    • Unicode Changes: In v5, our secondary duotone unicode was generated by adding 0x10 to the front of the primary unicode. In v6, we will use the unicode variation selector instead, so the icon will have a unicode value and then you can select the primary layer with 0xfe01 or secondary layer with 0xfe02 (the universal unicode variation selector values).
    • More Unicode Changes: We now have a single unicode for entire duotone icons (not just the primary and secondary parts). So 0xe2f5 will get you the full duotone icon for citrus-slice, but 0xe2f5 0xfe01 will get you just the primary layer and 0xe2f5 0xfe01 will get you just the secondary layer.
  • Breaking Changes to Some CSS, SCSS, and Less
    • Removed .fa-icon-rotate and .fa-icon-flip SCSS/Less mixins
    • Changed .sr-only and .sr-only-focusable classes to be namespaced to .fa-sr-only and .fa-sr-only-focusable (.sr-only and .sr-only-focusable will be silenty supported until the next major version release)
    • Updated CSS properties used in .fa-sr-only utilities to use a more modern technique
    • Removed CSS support for IE9 and below, including the removal of .eot and .svg font files/references from @font-face definitions
    • Renamed _larger SCSS and Less files to _sizing
    • Removed @fa-display, @fa-font-size, @fa-font-size-base, @fa-version variables in both SCSS and Less files
    • Renamed fa-pulse to fa-spin-pulse (fa-pulse will be silenty supported until the next major version release)

# Fixed

  • Continued fixes and improvements to many icons
  • Fixed line-height of base Web Fonts icon styling for better alignment with text

Alpha 3 6.0.0-alpha3

Released March 29, 2021

# Added

  • Even More New Icons
  • New commissioned icons
  • New commissioned brand icons
  • New round of top icons requests
  • New fruit and vegetable icons
  • New brightness, notebook, cart, trash-can, and hand ribbon icons
  • New beat, fade, flash, and flip CSS animations
  • Added support for prefers-reduced-motion CSS media feature in CSS animations.

# Changed

  • Added additional metadata to improve searching for an icon
  • Revised icon categories to be more balanced in subject matter and icon counts
  • Renamed air-freshener icon to spray-can-sparkles
  • Updated punctuation-based icons
  • Made stroke-width on solid style icons more consistent across collection
  • Updated every Version 6 SVG and font file thanks to a fresh import of every Font Awesome icon using new and spiffy tooling. While we've hunted for them ourselves, there may be some unforeseen glitches. Shout if you see any!

# Fixed

  • General fixes and improvements to many icons
  • Reverted layers icon to layer-group
  • Reverted layers-plus icon to layer-plus
  • Fixed solid style tugrik-sign icon
  • Fixed solid style question icon
  • Removed overprescriptive --fa-color CSS Custom Property and color rule that used it
  • Added missing --fa-animation-delay CSS Custom Property to .fa-spin and .fa-pulse animations
  • Added missing .fa-spin-reverse utility to Less source files

Alpha 2 6.0.0-alpha2

Released December 22, 2020

# Added

  • NPM-installable packages (SVG core, icon content packages, pro and free)
  • Alias support in browser-centric JavaScript and NPM packages
  • New icons for latin alphabet characters (a-z, 0-9) including circle and square variants
  • New JavaScript API parse.icon method which parses various input formats to specify icons
  • New commissioned icons
  • New commissioned brand icons
  • New round of top icons requests
  • New plus, minus, exclamation variants of more icons
  • SCSS/Less pre-processor map for brand icons
  • SCSS/Less pre-processor map for official icons
  • fa-spin-reverse utility to render icon animations in reverse
  • Support for adjusting speed of icon animations
  • Support for CSS Custom Properties use across the styling toolkit
  • Support for Vue and React components
  • A way to dynamically import icons in React

# Changed

  • Removed explicit CSS custom property fallbacks in SCSS/Less files in favor of using Autoprefixer
  • JavaScript API findIconDefinition method now supports aliases
  • Revised Duotone Icon layers to be more consistent across the collection
  • CSS3 Notation is used when selecting Pseudo-Elements
  • Icon sizing now has separate relative and literal size scales and classes
  • Relative icon sizing has an expanded scale (2xs - 2xl) and provides vertical alignment with text
  • Renamed 'pulse' animation to 'spin-pulse'
  • Added more SCSS/Less pre-processor variables for easier customization
  • Renamed _larger SCSS/Less pre-processor partial to _sizing
  • Added an 'fa-' prefix to namespace screen reader-based utilities
  • Updated screen reader-based utilities to current best practices
  • Separated brand and official icon definitions in SCSS/Less
  • Separated brand and official icon definitions in CSS
  • Removed .eot and .svg web font-face files and support
  • Removed IE8 + 9 support across styling toolkit
  • Updated syntax used to reference icons in Vue and React components

# Fixed

Alpha 1 6.0.0-alpha1

Released October 27, 2020

# Added

# Changed

  • Revisited, revamped, and gave all 1,800+ existing icons some design love and attention
  • Revised icon names according to new collection-wide naming conventions and standards

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