If you like control, you can host Font Awesome yourself, and you can choose to use Web Fonts + CSS described below or SVG + JS to get icons into your projects.


We’ll cover the basics of getting set up with Web Fonts and how you can use specific Font Awesome icon styles.

Before You Get Started

Make sure you:

Set-Up with Web Fonts

The /webfonts folder contains all of the typeface files, i.e., the icons. The /css/all.css file contains the core styling plus all of the icon styles you'll need when using Font Awesome.

Which Files and Folders What’s in there
/fontawesome6/pro/webfonts Icons as Web Fonts to be used with CSS
/fontawesome6/pro/css CSS files for using Web Fonts
/fontawesome6/free/webfonts Just the Free Icons as Web Fonts to be used with CSS
/fontawesome6/free/css CSS files for using just the Free Web Fonts

Using Only Certain Styles?

Select just the CSS files for the styles you need to cut down on file size and improve performance.

Add Font Awesome Files to Your Project

Copy the /webfonts folder and the /css/all.css file into your project’s assets directory where other images and CSS are stored. You'll want to keep them in the same directory.

Copy webfonts and CSS assets into your project directories

Copy webfonts and CSS assets into one of your project directories

Reference Font Awesome in Your Project

Add a link to the /your-path-to-fontawesome/css/all.css file into the <head> of each template or page where you want to use Font Awesome.

  <!--load all Font Awesome styles -->
  <link href="/your-path-to-fontawesome/css/all.css" rel="stylesheet" />
Just this once, we recommend letting things go to your head.

Double-Check Your Paths

Make sure the references in your pages' <head> are accurate with where you've moved all of Font Awesome's files in your project.

Yuss! You’re Ready to Add Icons

Like Anakin said, it’s woooorking! All of our icons are now ready to do your project’s bidding. Learn how to add them to your project and then use their power to bring order and style to your UI!

Add Some Icons!

Using Only Certain Styles

Want to use just certain styles of icons when using our Web Fonts with CSS framework? The /css folder contains the core styling and additional files for all of Font Awesome's style options -- solid, regular, light, duotone, thin, and brands. The /webfonts folder contains all of the typeface files that the above CSS references and depends on.

Icon Style Web Font Filename CSS Filename Availability
Font Awesome Brands fa-brands-400.* brands.css Free
Font Awesome Solid fa-solid-900.* solid.css Free
Font Awesome Regular fa-regular-400.* regular.css Pro only
Font Awesome Light fa-light-300.* light.css Pro only
Font Awesome Thin fa-thin-100.* thin.css Pro only
Font Awesome Duotone fa-duotone-900.* duotone.css Pro only

Copy both the /webfonts and the /css folders into your project's static assets directory (or wherever you prefer to keep front-end assets or vendor stuff). You can remove any styles' .css and web font files you don't plan on using if you'd like.

Add a reference to the core styling file (/css/fontawesome.css) and the CSS for individual styles (e.g., /css/brands.css) into the <head> of each template or page that you want to use Font Awesome on. Pay attention to the pathing of your project and where you moved the files in the previous step.

  <!-- Our project just needs Font Awesome Solid + Brands -->
  <link href="/your-path-to-fontawesome/css/fontawesome.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <link href="/your-path-to-fontawesome/css/brands.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <link href="/your-path-to-fontawesome/css/solid.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <i class="fa-solid fa-user"></i>
  <!-- uses solid style -->
  <i class="fa-brands fa-github-square"></i>
  <!-- uses brand style -->

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Need a Hand?

If you’re stuck or have a question, check our Troubleshooting docs, all of the Font Awesome threads on Stack Overflow, or contact our community on GitHub.

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