Need to get icons in your web project quickly? Here’s the fastest and easiest way to use Font Awesome in your web-based projects (keep in mind you can use Font Awesome in lots of other ways, including on the desktop).


We’ll cover the basics of setting up Font Awesome and finding that perfect icon for your project.

Upgrading from a previous version of Font Awesome?

We've tried to make moving to Version 6 as easy as possible. Get the deets on upgrading and enjoy the latest and greatest with ease.

Setup Font Awesome in Your Project

Font Awesome Kits are the easiest way to get Font Awesome icons into your projects. Just create a new Font Awesome Kit and add the Kit code to the head of each template or page of your project where you want to add icons.

Set up a Kit

Find and Add Icons

Browse the thousands of icons in v6 Beta to find some icons you like and then add the icon name and style as CSS classes to an HTML <i> tag.

  <!-- solid style -->
  <i class="fa-solid fa-user"></i>

  <!-- regular style -->
  <i class="fa-regular fa-user"></i>

  <!-- light style -->
  <i class="fa-light fa-user"></i>

  <!-- duotone style -->
  <i class="fa-duotone fa-user"></i>

  <!-- all new thin style -->
  <i class="fa-thin fa-user"></i>

  <!--brand icon-->
  <i class="fa-github-square fa-brands"></i>

Make It Awesome

Now you’re ready to Rock and Roll! Take it to 11 by adding some style.

Hit a Snag?

Double-Check Your Code

If your <i> tags aren't turning into icons, make sure you've got the Kit code on the pages or templates you're working with.

Get More Help

Check out the troubleshooting section to get answers to some common hiccups.

Other Ways to Use Font Awesome

Use Font Awesome with Your Preferred Syntax or Stack…

You're viewing the Version 6 Beta

It's all the awesome of 5, but now more six-y! Version 6 brings over 13,000 icons across 5 styles – including the new Thin style! – and includes more and faster services.

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Need a Hand?

If you’re stuck or have a question, check our Troubleshooting docs, all of the Font Awesome threads on Stack Overflow, or contact our community on GitHub.

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